Moisture Protector and Water Defender

Moisture is a frequently underestimated problem, which no equipment is immune against. The elimination of damages due to moisture cost of hundreds of billions of dollars every year. The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research (IFAM), Germany, estimates annual economic damages in EU- countries and the USA, to be 4% of the Gross National Product (GNP), only due to corrosion. About 80 percent of all serious system failures that require an electrician are caused by moisture problems.

Nanoman Universal is a product that has been proven to effectively and economically protect metal, mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, devices, machines and installations against all types of moisture. This protection is even possible if the object to be protected is already wet.

Nanoman Universal meets three important needs that justify its cutting-edge innovation:

  1. It protects mechanical, electrical and electronic components, assemblies, devices, machines and installations against all forms of moisture, without impeding their electrical conductivity.
  2. It ensures electrical conductivity, even under water, thus eliminating the usual short-circuiting. The same applies for the functionality of electronic parts and appliances or systems.
  3. It protects all kinds of metal from corrosion.

How it works

Nanoman Universal is a mixture of highly refined oils with special corrosion-protection agents. The product has an extreme penetration and capillary ability. As a result of its extreme hydrophobic capability, Nanoman Universal pushes water and humidity away in all electrical connections and electrical devices by building up a three-dimensional nanostructured hydrophobic network. This water repelling film ensures the functionality of the electrical devices even when they are exposed to water.

It ensures a long-term effect, protects all metallic, electric and electronic devices, machines, motors, computer plates against moisture, humidity, water, fog, rust, oxidation, corrosion.

This picture depicts a live bulb coated with Nanoman Universal immersed
in water and is fully functional.

A similar effect is displayed by spraying water on gardening equipment. The coated electricals of the machine do not get affected by water.