Other Products

  1. Nano - Anti Graffiti

    This product protects mineral surfaces from graffiti, paint, and dirt keeping the surface breathable without closing the pores. This coating effectively and permanently protects buildings from graffiti, spray paints and markers, soil and water stains, posters, gums, tags, micro-organisms like algae or mould, dust and soot, aqueous and oily substances. With this new technique, humidity will be able to evaporate protecting the surface from invading water. Surfaces will be able to breathe and building materials are maintained in good condition. Nano-anti-graffiti is durable for more than 6 years due to strong chemical bonding and penetration, excellent water vapour permeability, ease of application, storage and transport. It is suitable for all mineral substrates, giving easy and quick graffiti and dirt removal, keeping buildings aesthetic value intact for years and is not affected by extreme weather conditions and UV radiation.

    Application Areas: Concrete, bricks, marble, granite.

  2. Nano – Anti Abrasion for Metals

    This product is a solvent based 2-component system, generating an anti-oxidizing, corrosion- protecting and Easy-To-Clean effect on metal surfaces. The applied material produces a thin film which reduces the adhesive ability of fat or impurities and generates a scratch resistant, anti-oxidizing protection against corrosion or rust. As a result, the ability of metals to oxidize is exceedingly reduced. This coating effect allows water to pearl off and and ensures easy cleaning of the surface.

  3. Nano – Anti Fingerprint

    Anti fingerprinting solutions for all metal surfaces.